Death Out Of Darkness

50 Years Later: Palm Sunday Tornadoes

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Grandparents Car Flipped Over

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A Portrait of Disaster - Slide Show of Marion, Indiana

Twin Tornadoes - Eyewitness Account

Grief, Relief, Miracles and Tragedies

We Traveled Between the Two Tornadoes

Big Ugly Unforgettable Birthday Surprise

A Huge Black Mass Coming Our Way

Then the Second Tornado Came Through

"Death Out Of Darkness" is a public safety documentary about the deadly tornadoes of the 11-April-1965 Palm Sunday tornado outbreak, which affected portions of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The film primarily focuses on the devastation across Northern and Central Indiana. Produced in 1966 by the Indiana State Police and WISH-TV in Indianapolis, narrated by Lt. Dave Levendoski. Video from visualarchivist on YouTube. There were 47 tornadoes in less than 12 hours. This was the 3rd deadliest tornado swarm in U.S. history. See Also: Ted Fujita

Most of the posts on this blog are submitted by people who lived through the Palm Sunday tornados. If you want to submit your own story you can send them HERE.