"Death Out Of Darkness" is a public safety documentary about the deadly tornadoes of the 11-April-1965 Palm Sunday tornado outbreak, which affected portions of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The film primarily focuses on the devastation across Northern and Central Indiana. Produced in 1966 by the Indiana State Police and WISH-TV in Indianapolis, narrated by Lt. Dave Levendoski. Video from visualarchivist on YouTube. There were 47 tornadoes in less than 12 hours. This was the 3rd deadliest tornado swarm in U.S. history. See Also: Ted Fujita


Below are personal recounts of the event. They have been submitted to us by our readers. If you would like to submit your story or photos please click the link in the upper right side of this blog.

The Barn Was Gone

Submitted by Rick Wilson

I was 10 when the tornadoes went through, I lived in Coldwater Mich.. More specificly we lived about a mile from Coldwater lake. After the 1st twister went through, my grandad wanted to check on his cottages on the lake. When we tried one route it was blocked, so we turned around to try another road. It was a gravel road, there was a line of cars stuck behind a greyhound bus. So we turned around in a driveway, as we turned around I remember seeing a large red barn. The next day when we tried again to go to the lake, we went by the spot where the barn was, and it was gone! Hardly any evidence that a barn was ever there. I can still remember seeing an aluminum boat wrapped around the top of a tree, and a brick wall laid down almost in a solid piece on the ground next to the house it came off of. Also remember seeing 2 story houses with a wall ripped off the side, making it look like a full size dollhouse.

Photo is not original to this incident. It was created by Adaera and is titled Big Red Barn. You can view more of her work HERE

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