"Death Out Of Darkness" is a public safety documentary about the deadly tornadoes of the 11-April-1965 Palm Sunday tornado outbreak, which affected portions of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The film primarily focuses on the devastation across Northern and Central Indiana. Produced in 1966 by the Indiana State Police and WISH-TV in Indianapolis, narrated by Lt. Dave Levendoski. Video from visualarchivist on YouTube. There were 47 tornadoes in less than 12 hours. This was the 3rd deadliest tornado swarm in U.S. history. See Also: Ted Fujita


Below are personal recounts of the event. They have been submitted to us by our readers. If you would like to submit your story or photos please click the link in the upper right side of this blog.

Tornado Ravages Wyatt

Submitted by Cindi Fenimore
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I was 6 1/2 when it took place. I was with my family (mother, father and 3 siblings) attending my great grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in Mishawaka. I am a granddaughter of Mrs. Harold Kronewitter. We had to leave due to the tornado. We drove through Wyatt to get home and you could see the tornado in the West. It was very scary. When we got to our home, I was too afraid to get out of the car due to the extreme weather, my father had to come and get me to go in. The next day we drove through Wyatt and saw the grain elevator destroyed, and a car on a porch rooftop across the street. We found out later that same day, that one of my great uncles received a severe large 'knot' on his forehead due to getting hit by the large hail that accompanied the storm. That is a storm I will never forget!

Photo by Willis Haenes - Near Wyatt


  1. Does anyone have any more info about the photo above? One site I visited a couple of years back sourced this image as being taken near Bremen (south of Wyatt) and looking west as the tornado was crossing Tyler Road and U.S. 31 in LaPaz.

    1. Try this link. It might help you a bit.